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Symposium Topics

  • Conservation & Management

  • Ecology & Biodiversity

  • Rehabilitation/Breeding/Reintroduction

  • Human Animal Conflict

  • Genomic Studies, Bioinformatics

  • Paleontology, Paleoclimate, Catastrophic Events

  • Phylogeography

  • Morphological Diversity

  • Population Genetics

  • Hybridization/Invasive Alien Species

  • Primate Parasites/Zoonosis

Elucidation of the Evolutionary History of Asian Primates

Prosimians diverged in the Eocene and Oligocene in Asia, and ancestor of anthropoids are also suggested to have originated, or became diversified in Asia.

Conservation of Asian Primates and the Preservation of their Habitats

Asian primates are in peril of extinction, from local populations to the species level. Poaching, illegal trade, loss and degradation of habitat, conflict between primates and humans, and the introduction of invasive alien species are the cause.
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